Whilst in Barcelona on a temporary writing assignment, Julia beds a tall dark stranger to find herself with more than what she bargained for – a serious relationship.

Written, Directed, and Produced by Alex Burunova (alexburunova.com)
Written and Produced by Ignacio F. Rodo (cargocollective.com/ignaciofrodo)

Julia – Nadine Nicole Heimann (nadinenicole.com/)
Pau – Roger Batalla (rogerbatalla.com/)

Cinematography: Fady Hadid, Julietta Lutti
Music: Nico Casal
Production Design: Laura Velasco
Costumes: Clara Jung, Filipa Fabrica
Sound: Marcello Dubaz, Michael Huang
Editing: Joseph Shahood, Sven Pape
Dialogue: Daniel Grove

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