“Constanta. A Dancing City” is an atmospheric film, a combination of Cuba and a small town on the west coast of America, of a port, a town and barren hills, a lot of ethnic groups, numerous dancing styles, all brought together in a short film produced by Carmen Lidia Vidu, who was born at the other end of the country. It is a fifteen-hour train journey from Arad (the director’s birthplace) to Constanta. Constanta is not just a holiday destination, it is much more than that. It is the place where you give your dreams total freedom, where water, dancing, buildings, almost naked bodies and music join in a sensuous story. “Constanta. A Dancing City” is a kind of Dirty Dancing of Romania to the rhythms of rock and roll.

Director Carmen Lidia Vidu
DoP Adi Bulboaca
Editor Cristina Baciu
Music Ovidiu Chihaia
Singer Elena Vasilache
Producer Iulia Pana
Dancers Sofia Sitaru-Onofrei, Cristiana Drãgan, Alexandra Cacaraci, Mihai Adelin Adrian, Stan Grațiela, Bălan Codruţa, Cosmin Adrian, Victoria Creț, Maria Manea, Sas Marian, Mirela Pană